Cambridge - Ontario

Corporate Video in Cambridge Ontario - Commercial, Industrial and Events

Cambridge Corporate Video puts your Product, Services and Events in a New Light

We produce and market online videos for brands and companies to better engage their customers and employees. We also optimize your videos for search and output to multiple devices including flat screen, desktop, tablet and mobile devices in order to maximize reach and search engine placements. Leading video hosting and analytics platforms are utilized to provide an enhanced viewing experience.

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Video Production in Cambridge Ontario - Corporate, Industrial and Events

Cambridge Video Production highlights your Product, Services and Events

Today’s communication is increasingly visual with digital delivery channels. This means that your video production should be capable of being viewed on the web, on large screens, across all devices, all with the same impact. CLOSEUP Agency offers video production in Cambridge that can take your idea from concept to an impactful visual experience.

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Cambridge Ontario Web Design - Creative and Impactful

Break through the Clutter with cutting edge Cambridge Web Design!!!

It all start’s with impact - today it’s a visual world so your website design has to be up to date, with visual impact and engagement elements. You have to grab and hold the visitor’s attention, and then once you have it, you should engage the visitor sufficiently to move them to a goal that you have set - whether to call your business, sign up for further information, or become involved with your Autoresponder or Newsletter remarketing process where they are reminded about your brand on a regular and ongoing basis - the real goal of Cambridge webdesign.

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Event Video production in Cambridge Ontario - Corporate, Industrial and Sporting

Impactful, Affordable and Multi-use Event Video Production

Have you ever wanted your event to be covered professionally? With multiple cameras, angles and action? Well with CLOSEUP Agency you can get a Cambridge event video production, that’s affordable, impactful and can be used and reused for many kinds of marketing including web, commercial and standalone venues.

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Web Designer Cambridge Ontario - Affordable cutting edge websites

Cambridge web designer agency

Take advantage of the latest in web technologies to drive visitors to your website with Cambridge Web Designer agency that have the experience and expertise to make your digital presence count. Using the latest web design technologies including html5, css3, open source content management systems, and more, ensures that search engines will find and index your website across multiple platforms, desktops PC’s, mobile phones and the newest growing segment of tablets including iPads and Android devices.

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