Engagement Techniques

Video Channel Envy

Video Marketing - the Channel that Keeps on Giving Year After Year!

We have a client that receives an average of a 100 video views on their YouTube channel with 1% clicking through to their website ... now 1% doesn't seem that much but when you consider that those visitors stay almost five minutes on the site and about 20% of those choose to buy a product with an average ticket of over a thousand dollars, the numbers add up and continue to do so year after year!

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Pictures are worth a Thousand Pages

Engagement Statistics show Pictures are of Highest Importance!

Taking a page from Facebook engagement studies we see that if a post has a Picture in it there will be seven times the interest than a post with simply Text. Videos rank in between as having 4 times more engagement than text only.

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Website Content Development for the Purpose of Increasing Engagement

Your Site Needs to Speak the Language of Your Audience!

Ask WHO is your audience and HOW do they speak?

Our site as an example, is in my voice. If you’ve ever met me, you might recognize the style. My audience are potential clients - small & medium sized business owners and people who just want to know more about “this web stuff”. Unfortunately, writing for a website is often an afterthought – it’s easy to get caught up in the design, but remember that it's the words that search engines are interested in and what will keep your customers coming initially and coming back. Therefore, if writing is not your strength, hiring a good web writer can make all the difference.

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