Pictures are worth a Thousand Pages

Engagement Statistics show Pictures are of Highest Importance!

Taking a page from Facebook engagement studies we see that if a post has a Picture in it there will be seven times the interest than a post with simply Text. Videos rank in between as having 4 times more engagement than text only.


Pictures are worth a Thousand Pages

The power of imagery cannot be underestimated and Google understands this - Google has its own indexing robot just for pictures - as many searches and inquiries start simply with an interesting or engaging pictures. So just like indexing of your website's pages, each individual image on your site can and should be indexed. This is another reason why Google's search results are soon to show pictures right next to the text descriptions!

The implication is that EVERY piece of content should have some form of imagery, whether a picture, drawing or video, as a key means of website visitor engagement. Going further, the imagery chosen should not only be related to the content, but also be of a higher sophistication - clear, impactful, action oriented if possible, and clearly able to convey the message that you are trying to send.

Our Shooting Experiences

Taking some expertise from our shoot experiences - if you are taking pictures or having them taken for you, the more the better, from which you can later choose the few that are the best at conveying your message. Prepare the shoot location to make sure the subject is the focal point and your veiwer does not get distracted by background elements. Use a photo retouching program to fine tune the pictures so as to add those details either missed in camera or which the particular camera cannot accomplish at its limits.

Finally, ensure that your images and videos are labelled as search engine friendly, using search keywords that your target audience relates to. This is to ensure first, indexing by the search engines as they cannot tell what an image is about unless it's properly described, and second, that the image is related to your business and as a result brings in traffic to your website.

Images sell! Simple but important to have Engaging Imagery and Animation on Your Website that draws the attention of Your Visitors to What's Important!