Video Channel Envy

Video Marketing - the Channel that Keeps on Giving Year After Year!

We have a client that receives an average of a 100 video views on their YouTube channel with 1% clicking through to their website ... now 1% doesn't seem that much but when you consider that those visitors stay almost five minutes on the site and about 20% of those choose to buy a product with an average ticket of over a thousand dollars, the numbers add up and continue to do so year after year!


Selling while Explaining - No better way to Engage Customers

Video statistics show that web video is a great way to sell your product or services like never before, and you can't afford not to have a video channel and have videos embedded into your site. In a very practical sense videos on your website increase visitor time on page statistics, and compared to images, charts and graphics, video engages your visitors and can build your Brand like nothing else. Video is regarded as the best way to engage and interact with your customers for building trust and and visitor loyalty.

According to a study by IMRG Cap Gemini e-Retail, 13% of shoppers found video useful when purchasing products and 57% of this group acted as brand advocates - actively informing others of the products and web sites they like. In this sense, people are more receptive to new ideas and even have better memory recall when they have learned new information via a video (especially if it's humorous). Adding video to your website has been known to cause all or some of the following Benefits to your Business -

  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Boosts sales by increasing conversion rates
  • Increases time spent on your website
  • Strengthens bonds with potential customers
  • Builds credibility
  • Sets you apart from your competition
  • Produces better educated customers

Video Conversion Rate Differences

Statistics show that videos increase conversion rates to between 12%-115% - retailers have reported an average 30% increase. Web video for e-commerce is still in its infancy as retailers begin to realize the full potential and cost effectiveness of video. By adding video to your website you can get ahead of your competition. This is particularly the case when you consider that as online video begins to replace traditional TV, your visitors will soon expect to watch videos about your products not only on your website but on their phones and TV's, such as through a dedicated video channel.

You may begin to lose customers to your competitors because of a lack of video content demonstrating your products and services!