Website Content Development for the Purpose of Increasing Engagement

Your Site Needs to Speak the Language of Your Audience!

Ask WHO is your audience and HOW do they speak?

Our site as an example, is in my voice. If you’ve ever met me, you might recognize the style. My audience are potential clients - small & medium sized business owners and people who just want to know more about “this web stuff”. Unfortunately, writing for a website is often an afterthought – it’s easy to get caught up in the design, but remember that it's the words that search engines are interested in and what will keep your customers coming initially and coming back. Therefore, if writing is not your strength, hiring a good web writer can make all the difference.

What voice should I speak with?

Different audiences find different things useful and meaningful. So improving conversions on your site depends on understanding the expectations of the specific audience you are seeking to attract. How how do they speak? What words and idioms do they use? What analogies make sense to them?

Additionally, there is no one way that customers think & act and the key is to remember that your customers are first and foremost human beings with their own likes & dislikes that make them who they are. So your content must also be spoken of in a wide enough voice that's meaningful for your audience, something that your whole target audience would find interesting and engaging.

So How will I Engage My Audience and Make Them Care about My Business?

Here's a suggestion - take some time to read (or watch) as many media that were created for (not about) your audience. Take a look at magazines, blog posts, YouTube videos - this firsthand kind of perspective is a good way to discern your audience’s tastes and learn their vocabulary. You don’t need to like what you're seeing, but you must understand the logic behind why your target audience is engaged by that kind of content.

We speak the language of our client's audiences - so your customers relate, understand and trust you!