Stars Men's Shop Entices $25 Saving With QR Code Scan

Stars Mens Shop QR Code Offer - CLOSEUP AgencyLocal Ontario men's retailer, Stars Men's Shop recently revealed its QR Code campaign offering its customers a $25 value coupon for scanning the QR Code in their store window ... but is this enough of an incentive to make you scan. It would be for me if that was all I had to do, but as usual, it isn't as simple as it seems.

Deliver on the QR Code Promise or Else!

QR Codes when used effectively can generate customers and build your marketing base but in the case of Stars, the reward wasn't a one step process. The invitation was front and centre at the local Cambridge Centre location of this particular Stars store. Naturally being in the business, I wanted to see what the user experience was all about so naturally I scanned. The page opened to an information gathering form letter which requested my mobile number and my email. Nice try Stars for trying to get all my info in one shot! Also asking for permission to re-market to me was also interesting. But the most important item.... my $25 coupon was not readily available!!! I needed to fill in the form before I got anywhere near that promised $25.00. So what did I do, nothing.

Making the QR Code Experience SIMPLE!

This is an example of wanting too much without giving anything in return first. The coupon should have been front and centre with the request to gather information subsequently. If I received my coupon then I would have no hesitation to fill out the needed information. In this particular case, too much information was requested with not enough return for the request.

Upon further investigation, the coupon was only applicable to the purchase of a suit. In this particular case, this retailer caters to the promo & wedding clientele who are looking for a suit for a special occasion. Perhaps the offer could have been more enticing by offering a free tie (probably the same value in the end as the $25 coupon) by simply showing the coupon to the shop keeper. The reward would have been instant, providing the customer with instant gratification and leaving a feel good factor with the customer who would probably sign away their first born in jubilation.

The moral of the story when using QR Code rewards - don't make the scanner beg for the offer. Give it to them up front and they are bound to give you what you want in return.