There's a QR Code in your Fridge

QR Code RefrigeratorLG Life's Good QR Code Campaign

In an attempt to provide timely up to date information for customers interested in purchasing big ticket items such as refrigerators, LG has taken the bull by the horns and placed QR Codes in strategic locations in their appliances with the intention of having the potential customer scan the code and be provided with the information required to make the purchase right there and then.

The concept of having a QR Code imbedded with pertinent information to the corresponding model of appliance being looked at by the potential customer eliminates the need for that customer to think about it, go home and do more research on the product and most importantly provides the latest information required for that customer to make the purchase.

In the case of the LG QR Code, the information provided a variety of models to choose from and with a click thru provides the specifications and highlights of the appliance. In addition to this information, there is also a click thru available to the LG website which again enables the scanner to obtain as much information as the need or require to complete their decision making.

QR Code Leads To Mobile Ready Website

What makes this QR Code application work is two fold. The visual inserted into the fridge guides the user as to what they need to do to obtain the information. The directions of "point" and "scan" provide the potential customer with easy directions. The curiosity of what the result is going to be is part of the magic of the QR Code campaign. LG Mobile Website QR Code Linking

The second and most important aspect of this effective LG QR Code campaign is that the scanner is directed to a mobile ready site. This means that the potential customer has received the information in a user friendly application. There is no squinting to read the fine print or additional scrolling to find the actual information. In the case of this specific campaign, the scanner is directed to several models of french door refrigerators. The QR Code was positioned in one of those models thereby providing the scanner with information on the specific model and also alternatives.

The LG campaign is a great example of how manufacturers of high-end merchandise such as appliances are able to provide timely and user friendly information that may be required when purchasing such a high ticket item. The QR Code also decreases the buying cycle time by providing the potential customer with the necessary information right at their finger tips. Eliminating the need to "go home and do more research" converts a potential customer to a purchaser if the QR Code is executed properly. In LG's case, it's a job well done. Congratulations LG on a QR Code campaign executed well!