Tim Horton's Recruitment QR Code Campaign Fails

Close Up Agency Tim Horton's RecruitmentIn a recent attempt to cater to the smartphone user and its employable demographic, Tim Horton's has developed an in-store QR Code campaign in hopes of recruiting staff for its locations. 4AV4N3KJQRWS

Tim Horton's Prolific QR Code User

What's interesting about this campaign is that it is one of several campaigns launched by the Canadian coffee giant which focuses on scanning QR Codes. In addition to this recruitment campaign, Tim Horton's has run a QR Code Win campaign as well as a "Tell Us How We Are Doing Campaign." Specifically, the feedback campaign provides scanners with a store number directly below the print support material, making it simple for scanners of the code to enter the store location in order for the information to be captured.

The QR Code Recruitment Campaign Falls Short

In the case of Tim Horton's recruitment campaign, the scan guides its users to a fill in form that is not mobile optimized. The user experience is poor as the writer of this article had difficulty manoeuvering the page on their iPhone. Then, although the early information fields were all quite standard until scanners came across the SIN number field which asked for applicants to fill out the last four numbers of their Social Insurance Number. This is where this scanner stopped.

"I wasn't comfortable with providing even one number of my SIN number to a screen that I didn't know who the end user was and what they were going to do with the information. I also felt that it was not a necessary requirement for a preliminary application process."

As a seasoned professional, requesting a SIN number at such an early stage of an application process left me feeling uncomfortable.

Although the idea is great, the execution is not so good. In my opinion Tim Horton's should known better and provided the customer with a great user experience. By making the form application not mobile friendly, the whole application process is a downer. Great idea Tim Horton's but poor execution. Tim Horton's QR Code recruitment campaign is judged as an epic fail in the opinion of CloseUpAgency. BUT We still like your coffee!