Timely Online Ads Campaigns Have the Most Impact!

Very similar to the online traffic strategy of riding what’s trending, ad campaigns that are relevant to trending events have incredible impact. The best things about these types of online ads is that not only can they be put together in advance, they can be reused over and over again.

The Storm’s Coming, See what we can do for you!

Online Ad Campaigns with the Most Impact by CLOSEUP Agency

A website was developed for a client that dealt with a specific fear faced by the public, which was a seasonal one but that had specific touchpoints tied to winter storms. So once the website and relevant landing pages for the client’s offer were developed, an online ad campaign was crafted that leveraged that fear and provided a solution. This ad campaign was ready to go the next time a winter storm hit, and for every winter storm thereafter. The effect was that the relevancy of the online ads were enhanced by the media buzz surrounding a winter storm, with the result that not only did the ad campaign CTR (click through ratio) increase markedly, but the client’s conversions escalated. Basically the ad campaigns did so well because they offered a solution at the right time.

Anticipating - Smart Marketing means Anticipating Events with Ads

The real benefit of most online ad campaign channels, such as Google’s Adwords, Bing/Yahoo, Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads is that they can be turned on and off at a moment’s notice. This means if you’ve set up appropriate campaigns ahead of time, when the triggering events are coming and are being played up in the media, you can toggle on an online campaign and then shut it down when the event has passed. This is a great way to throttle online ad spending and increase online marketing ROI.

Reacting - Smartest Marketing means Following Trends with Ads

As noted above, a technique for increasing web traffic is to use content related to trending topics to ride the interest and direct traffic to your website. This riding the trend approach can work similarly for online advertising and can work for those savvy enough to spot the trend and build an online campaign to address it. This is not impossible since many online ad networks have ad building applications that can turn an ad campaign around in a manner of minutes if not a couple of hours before the ads are approved.

To the Quick go the Spoils

Bottom line is that you can use your online ad campaigns to be both anticipatory and reactive to current events, thereby leveraging the interest and potential media support for your campaigns ... and enhancing both click-throughs and conversions with a relevant offer. Quick to turn on, easy to set up, today’s online advertising shows incredible potential to increase your business.

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