Widest Social Network Marketing

When we speak of social network marketing most people thinks of Facebook and Twitter, and that;s about it. What many don’t realize is that not only are these two channels fragmentable according to interests, but that there are so many other social channels out there that could be as good, or even better than the two most common.

Fragmenting your Social Media Marketing

Setting the Widest Social Network Marketing by CLOSEUP AgencyA useful, but very underutilized strategy is to fragment your social media messaging so that the message become more targeted, and hence more relevant to the social network. As a result it is expected that a more targeted and relevant message would be more effective in realizing upon the call to action within the message. This fragmentation can be accomplished by way of adding a Facebook Page or Twitter Account that is centered around its own unique theme or focus. Not a big deal to setup, but it has to be initially populated so as to appear interesting and useful so that potential customers “Like” or Follow the Page/Account, and then it has to be maintained. So there is some investment involved and this must be taken into account when deciding wether a fragmented SMM (social media marketing) strategy is for you.

Using Multiple Social Networks to Get Your Word Out

As noted many marketers tend to focus their efforts solely on the largest social networks, hoping for a return and the viral effects a social network can have. The smarter marketers realize that there are a number of additional social networks out there, some that are very specialized, in which their message can stand out and have a more targeted effect. In our experience some examples of these social networks include:

  • Pinterest - for a pre-dominantly female based audience
  • Youtube - ... yes it’s a social network of sorts
  • Houzz - for home, office, commercial and exterior based interests
  • Instagram - for youth based interests

Using these networks in conjunction with Facebook and Twitter can be easier than the fragment strategy above since you can share the same content that was initially posted on Facebook or Twitter through these additional social networks because the audience for each network is likely to be different. The result is that each social network’s audience receives what it perceives to be fresh content.

Integrating your Messaging Across Networks

That those frequenting social networks tend to stay within those networks is a premise that has to be tested, although logically it makes sense. If this is true, then a “Write Once, Distribute Many” strategy is a very efficient way to maintain an ongoing online presence that can leverage multiple social networks for the widest social marketing. For instance, through using a blog as the depository of the initial content, an online marketer can then share that content by way of multiple social networks in order to bring the message to many relevant channels but only expending effort on the initial post. If a channel member then wants more information, they can follow the link in their social channel back to the originating blog. In addition, if the original content is indexable by search engines, there will be an ongoing potential benefit of having that content appear in organic search results. One message, with the widest distribution ... this is what widest social network marketing is all about.

If you need help with your social media marketing campaigns, please contact CLOSEUP Agency to see how we can help set up and maintain your widest social network marketing.