Has your website ranking suffered since Google's "Penguin" update?

The Penguin update hit thousands of Websites Hard!

The past few weeks have been painful for thousands of website owners following the Google Penguin Update - being a change to Google's ranking algorithm as to how your website is shown in search results - businesses have folded and lives have been changed irrevocably, all because of the immense power Google's algorithm wields.

First you should check your Webmaster reports to see for what keywords your website has gone up or down in. Remember that simply doing a search in your browser may be misleading since Google and other search engines deposit cookies to customize your searches based upon your past behaviour and therefore what you see may not be what the general public sees!

For those that have experienced a ranking catastrophe in the last four weeks you’ll know only too well how it feels! The web’s ‘Wild West Frontier’ days are over for the right businesses with the right approach to digital marketing. This is a good thing!

However, the issue of course is dealing with the change - if your website has been forced into the spammy links game then you could have an issue - and these issues cost money!

It may be possible to save your site even if you have a profile cluttered with links Google may view as low quality. Our goal is to arm business owners with the knowledge necessary to understand what may have been triggered your drop in Google's rankings and how to avoid the same issue coming back to bite you in the future.

So to begin understanding if your site may be at risk, or to take a proactive approach to protecting your organic positions, it has never been more important to properly profile your site’s backlinks and current rankings.