How a Car Loans Financing Company is making a Dent in Google's New Algo

Car Loans by Trend FinancialTrend Financial is a new bank alternative financing company that is riding the new-wave of car loans programs to the top of the digital landscape. It's doing this through its car loan website that integrates with its social media platforms and campaigns, and more importantly semantic search.

The result? It now ranks for 35 top 10 traffic keywords, and additional 36 keywords in the top 20, and another 20 keywords in the top 91. All after the latest Google update code named Hummingbird.

How to Deliver Relevant Content about Car Loans

What does it take to get to the level achieved by the TREND Car Loans website? Through an analysis of its landing pages we have found that a keyword specific page is what's required. This means that while TREND Financial is a car loans lender with multiple programs, by highlighting relevant programs to their keywords it seems that they have been able to deliver what visitors are looking for. Relevant content to relevant visitors ... not quite a eureka moment, but definitely one that shows the close connection between good content and respective search rankings as Google has been saying for years.

As an example, if we look at car loans people bad credit we see the relevant destination as which indeed provides an explanation and resources for bad credit car loans. This match of intended content with search semantics is being referred to more often as the "Semantci Web", as essentially making a link between a person's intentions and the search result. That this car loans website has got it right is reflected in the title, content and links, that all have to do with how people with bad credit ca get a car loan. Seems simple in execution, and a good model to follow!

Searching for Car Loans by Bad Credit People means just that!

So where are we going in search? Recent statements have focuses on the search engines as taking on an "Answer" type of role, in providing the most relevant search results to the specific question being asked, given the context, location, and even the user. These semantic and personalized results will go a long way to creating a good search or information provision experience. Accordingly, in designing content as per the TREND car loans page and associated programs example, the more content builders can deliver upon this promise of specifically relevant search content, the better will their pages fare in the coming search landscape.