What's the Big Deal with Links?

or Why & Did Google's Penguin Bite my Website!

Links or linking in the digital space refers to having an actual link to or from your website to other websites or web content … Why is this important? Two reasons: links to your site can bring you additional visitors, and secondly that Search Engines seriously take into account the number and quality of links pointing to your site, internal links within your site and the links within the site that point to outside content, as factors in determining how your site will rank in their search rankings.

Why is "Page Rank" so important?

Google" Page Rank for a particular website, and also pages on that site, has for a long time been regarded as a key metric of the level of linking that a website has achieved. You can find this value for your site at http://www.prchecker.info/ where the range is from Unranked through 10 - 10 is regarded as the highest value in terms of page/site quality.

Who's the Penguin and why Did he Attack?

The "Penguin" is the name for Google's latest algorithm update in 2012 that literally demoted 100's of thousands of websites from their search results because they had "spammy" links! At one time it was though that to have hundreds if not thousands of links to a site would guarantee a higher page rank, and as a result "link farms" popped up offering lots of links in return for payment. Whether it was as a result of these links being unrelated to a website's content or that such was a payment game, Google has chosen to demote websites that have such links from their search results … and as a means of offering up better quality results in their search rankings.

Have you treated your website with a White Hat?

Understand that everything you do to your website is divided up into three classes, or hats rather. White, Black & Gray. White Hat is legitimate above the board. Black Hat is what Google is penalizing you for if Penguin busted you, and of course Gray Hat is somewhere in the middle. So it is with every algorithmic update, Google tries to punish the Black Hats. Penguin is therefore the latest algorithmic update designed to punish spammers. The algorithm update hit hard on April 24th, so take a look at the analytics to see if your website lost organic search traffic around that time, where it could have been sometime afterwards as Google rolls out updates in phases usually starting in the US and then spreading out worldwide. If you saw a drop in your organic traffic, you were probably hit.

Google states publicly what they like - unique well-structured quality content. They’ve also indicated what they don’t like and are getting better at detecting it. Let us focus your energies on the good stuff and we’ll tell you what you need to know so that Google will reward you in time!