Social Strategies

5 Tips for Facebook Marketing

Is Facebook A Waste of Time?

Do you think that Facebook is a waste of time for your business? Well if you do, think again. Facebook continues to be the social media platform of choices for many businesses. CLOSEUP Agency has 5 Tips that are necessary when deciding on using Facebook as an effective marketing tool.

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Social Media Getting the Word Out

Social Media It's All About Talking

Do you want to get people talking? Want to use social media to get the buzz going. CLOSEUP Agency can help you do that. Creating a buzz and getting Social media involved is a great way to generate traffic, interest and potential prospects for your product or service. You need to ensure that you do it right otherwise everything can backfire in your face and create a mess!

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Social Proof as a Useful Tool in Web Design and Engagement

Using the Power of Conformity on Your Website to Increase Sales!

The challenge of the battle for consumer attention isn't new but certain techniques are ... and one of the most usable is harnessing Social Proof. This is a cost effective way to attract valuable users, based in showing popularity on your website, and a relatively untapped gold mine in the age of the social web.

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