5 Tips for Facebook Marketing

Is Facebook A Waste of Time?

Do you think that Facebook is a waste of time for your business? Well if you do, think again. Facebook continues to be the social media platform of choices for many businesses. CLOSEUP Agency has 5 Tips that are necessary when deciding on using Facebook as an effective marketing tool.


#1: Use video more readily on Facebook

We are used to seeing images on Facebook. Today the focus is not just images but videos. Sharing a video is much more appealing than sharing just a still image. The video story that is published looks better and most importantly, appeals more to sharing. Imagine that every video shows your product, an interview or your service. The possibilities are endless in comparison to a straight still image. CLOSEUP Agency provides its clients with video and slide share productions that can be incorporated into Facebook marketing programs. Let us help you improve your Facebook marketing strategy.

#2 Vary Posting Times

You cannot reach everyone all of the time but you can change up your post times to try and reach as many people as possible. There are posting strategies available that can help you reach your audience. It is important to consider a variety of posting times and mix the times up. You can easily track the response and determine the best time to reach your audience. Experiment and don’t just be set on a specific time frame.

Facebook, It's All About The Fans

#3 Be Creative In How You Add Photos

As mentioned above, visual marketing is the key to attract someone’s attention and result in interaction. Find a visually creative way to show your pictures. CLOSEUP Agency is able to work with their clients to provide them with visual marketing alternative when it comes to image presentation on Facebook. The key is to provide images that are graphically interesting. Using these images to enhance copy, blogs and posts provides visual interest to the consumer which in turn will encourage interest and most important, sharing.

#4 Involve Your Community In Your Product

You community is there to support your product or service. They have opted into your marketing program so why not let them have some input. It’s great to have an enthusiastic response when rolling out a new product. Before you launch, ask your community what they think. It is important to take the good and acknowledge the bad and try to rectify it. It is important to thank your community for their input once you launch the product or service. Share the final product pictures or service details to your community. Community participation is worth its weight in gold when it comes to your Facebook community.

#5 Continue To Build Your Community

When are enough fans enough? The answer is simply never. Most of CLOSEUP Agency’s clients asked the same question when it comes to Facebook marketing.... “How do I get more fans?”. The answer lies in the audience you are striving to reach and how you decide to manage your page. There are a variety of strategies available to increase your fan base. Before you embark on such strategies, it is important to ensure that your existing fan base is not offended by any of your marketing strategies. We can help with the implementation and success determination of your community development.

Today, marketing on Facebook is a combination of trial and error. It can be a continuous every-changing challenge. The key is to understand your target audience and provide the content and incentives for your existing fan base to be continuously engaged by your business. Contact CLOSEUP Agency to help you to use Facebook to increase your customers and build your online community!