Social Media Getting the Word Out

Social Media It's All About Talking

Do you want to get people talking? Want to use social media to get the buzz going. CLOSEUP Agency can help you do that. Creating a buzz and getting Social media involved is a great way to generate traffic, interest and potential prospects for your product or service. You need to ensure that you do it right otherwise everything can backfire in your face and create a mess!


If you want to get people talking you need to provide value for the product or services you are offering through a call to action. CLOSE UP Agency can prepare a strategic campaign that provides value to potential prospects resulting in their participation. If the campaign is valuable, it will be successful. Consumers are willing to line up to get a product if they feel that it is worth it. Take for example APPLE’s product launches and the long lines and Social Media buzz associated with each event. Wouldn’t you like to have that type of response?

Social Media It’s All About Me

The social media arena has forced everyone to prove who we are, who we know, where we go and what we do. Our value is now defined by our Social Media status... the more public we are, the better we will be. From a marketing point of view for a company, the more Likes, Friends or Followers you have, the optic appearance is that you have a better reputation, everyone likes your product and more importantly, you have a community that you can market to directly. CLOSEUP Agency can help you to build a community that is interested in your products or services. What a dream for a marketer... its own community who has opted in to be marketed to!

Nothing gets people talking about something that they can’t get. People will line up for hours, even days just to get something that is limited in its availability. Remember the frenzy Cabbage Patch dolls caused during Christmas. Today, the same thing happens but the interest begins with Social Media. People want what they can’t have and Social Media is one of the most effective platforms to generate scarcity and exclusivity. Everyone wants to have something that they can’t get and everyone wants to be special. In the Social Media arena, information results in chatter. We all want to know and if you have a secret, it’s worthing sharing on Social Media!

Contact CLOSEUP Agency, to put your social media marketing to the test. Don’t risk your social media becoming a lonely affair.