5 Tips For Today's Web Design

Web Design Is Technology Driven

When it comes to today’s web design, gone are the days of just thinking desktop compatibility. When planning your website design you need to take into consideration tiny phones to large flat screen televisions.. and even refrigerators. Yes you read correctly. Every business needs to adapt to reach consumers effectively on any screen. Today’s web design is a multiple screen strategy!


It’s Not Just About Having Pretty Web Design Anymore

If you have an existing website at minimum, adjust it for today’s web users. Business cannot afford to ignore the fact that today’s web community primarily access the Web from mobile devices. Pull up your website on a mobile device and see how users see your website. CLOSEUP Agency can help you reconfigure your existing website. Simpler page designs and larger fonts will pass the fat finger-proof test! Providing the most important information is key when it comes to mobile websites.

Ideally, you want to create a mobile responsive site. This means that your website can work across multiple devices. The content and appearance of such a site on a mobile device be it smartphone or tablet will provide the user with the best website visit experience. CLOSEUP Agency provides its clients with mobile-site-design services. It is key to provide users with a good experience in terms of mobile or tablet access.

An Adaptive Web Design Means Happy Users

Taking mobile responsive sites to the next level is an adaptive design. This is the high end of website design. An adaptive design is able to detect and identify a user’s device and is able to re-purpose the content in a page to match the device capabilities. This is the ideal web design for today’s marketplace. An adaptive website allows you to reach the most active web audience regardless of their device. Websites need to look good, be easy to read and result in a good user experience.

If you want to take your website to the next level, you can with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets. CLOSEUP Agency has provided clients with a single version of a website that can auto-adjust to display on all devices, excluding very old cellphones. This type of technology will immediately adjust to the device that the content is being accessed on. The content will not looks bad on any device and reading will be easy with responsive design technology.

It is important to future-proof your website. When you get the technology right, you need to create great website content. Providing quick and easy access to information is key to a good user experience. Provide relevant information including links to your location, maps, directs. Include images and video to keep visitors on your site.

Web design has evolved with new technology and strategies. Websites are not just about looking pretty anymore. Websites are a key component in today’s business marketing strategy. CLOSEUP Agency provides its client’s with responsive and adaptive websites that provide people with good content and a good user experience. What are you waiting for? Future-proof your website today!