Is Responsive Web Design For You?

What is Responsive Web Design?

The term “responsive” is a buzzword that has surfaced in 2013 in the web design world. What is this “responsive” term and its relations to web design? It’s a forward thinking approach that everyone should be applying to as they plan their web design strategy.

Responsive Web Design or RWD is a new way of creating a website Based on a set of code, a website’s design and functionality can be adjusted to respond to the device that is accessing it. Sounds a bit too technical? Well it isn’t and if you are thinking of a new web design project or a refresh, RWD is an important aspect that cannot be ignored.

How Responsive Web Design Works

In a nutshell, RWD knows the device that you are accessing a website, for example a laptop or desktop and more importantly, a mobile device. The underlying code will automatically reposition the site’s design elements to fit the screen size and maintain the overall look of the website. Why is this important? A RWD provides a good user experience for the person who is is looking at the website on devices other than a desktop. It allows a website visitor to access the site’s information quickly and easily.... no more scrolling, trying to zoom into content. The content presents itself in a readable and organized fashion on a RWD platform.

The most commonly cited advantage of Responsive Web Design it that is maintains a website’s consistent look regardless of the device that accesses it. This extends to the site’s images, words, tables and other design elements. Mobile users do not have to pinch and zoom with their fingers to view the entire contents of a page on their mobile device. The result is a more happier and engaging user.

The other advantage of Responsive Web Design is that it is easy to keep the content updated across all versions of the website. The content can be updated in one location and all versions of that site will be updated automatically. There is only one content management system that needs to be learned to do this, making it an easy proposition for a webmaster to update on a regular basis.

When evaluating the aspect of Responsive Web Design, there are several considerations that need evaluation.

  • Am I planning on changing my website.
  • Does my website publish content that is frequently updated?
  • Is my site about delivering information?

If the answer is yes to the considerations outlined above, then a Responsive Web Design is for you!