Your Web Design Strategy

Websites Are Not Just About Design Anymore

When it comes to website design, it's not just about making it look pretty anymore. There are several essential components that need to be incorporated into today’s web design strategies. They include the functional elements of SEO, unique content that is relevant and keyword strategies. These elements are a step in the right direction for your website to compete in today’s web world.

Five Parts To Web Design Strategy

There are five parts that you should consider when determining your web design strategy.

Part One: Determine Your Goal

What do you want to achieve with your website. As simple as that may be, you need to determine the purpose of your site. What to you hope to achieve through your website. Keep the message simple but strategic. Everyone in your company should know it and be able to speak to it.

Part Two: Your Branding

Determine who you are and the message that you want to send out to the public. Again, a very simple concept but many website are cluttered that the message gets lost. How will they remember you in the clutter of the marketing universe. Determine what you are selling and more importantly, how you want it to be sold. There are all serious questions that a business has to ask about itself. The brand has to be unified in the content of the message. The content needs to reflect the business brand. If you have a tag line, this will tie everything together.

Part Three: Target Your Audience

Think of who you want to attract today, tomorrow and the next day! You can get current analysis of your web traffic through a variety of tools available. With careful examination of your web analytics, you can determine the details of your visitor traffic. Are they just visiting the landing page and then opting out because you don’t have anything to give them. Are they spending a considerable amount of time on your site because you are providing good and relevant information. Web analytics are a great tool to determine your visitors patterns.

Part Four: Why are People Coming to Your Site?

Do you provide informative and accurate web content? Are you selling a unique product or service that is only available through your website? Are you an authority in a certain field or subject? These are all questions that need to be discussed. Does your website match the needs of your audience?

Part Five: Technology Limitations

Nothing is perfect and there are technology constraints. It is up to you and your web design company to determine what is best given your ultimate goals. Customized code is expensive so you need to make sure that if you commit, you will follow through.

A web design strategy is a road map to and also a reference point for your company. If designed correctly, it can provide you with concrete analytics in terms of traffic, user experience. It is an accountable source of information because elements are traceable! It’s time to get on the new wave of website design!