Website Linking Strategies to Increase Placement in Search Results

Importance of Linking to Website Traffic

One of the most fundamental ways of improving your ranking in search engine results and as a result your potential traffic is to increase the importance of your site, relative to your competition. How do you go about doing that? Simply through an ongoing process of building links, inbound, internally and outbound as well.


The Importance of Inbound, Internal & External Links

Inbound link building is arguably the most important of the three linking strategies and involves encouraging other websites to link to your own website, and not just any sites, but those that are theme relevant to your site's content. If such other websites are linking to your website, at the first instance you will expectedly receive an increase in referral traffic, but depending upon the Page Rank (basically Google's aggregate estimate of the importance or authority of a website and its respective pages) your link popularity will increase. Although there is controversy related to whether a high Page Rank will increase search engine result position for your website's keywords, it is commonly accepted that this is one aspect, and an important one, that is taken into account in Google's ranking algorithm.

Internal Linking is the process of leading the visitor to other related content within your site and is looked at by search engines as a positive aspect of user experience. Care should similarly be taken that the content linked to is theme relevant, else there could be penalization if the linked to content is determined to be something like and ad farm.

External Linking is the practice of having links to websites or content which are outside of your site. While at first glance this linking strategy would appear to be counter intuitive to developing traffic, you have to look at the practice from the viewpoint of the search engines algorithms that look differently upon this practice where if it enhances the visitor's experience by linking to relevant content such is regarded as a positive indicator, and hence worthy of moving the site/page up in the search engine result rankings. Also, External Linking will not necessarily move visitors away from your site as for instance, embedding videos is actually an External Linking practice, although one that will not by itself take the visitor outside the site as the content is consumed within.

Taking Care of What Links and Linking Strategy You Adopt

Link building is time consuming and must be done strategically, else you could run the risk of search engine's deeming your site a member of or benefiting from a link farm or paid links. If your site goes offside what search engines believe is organic link development, your website could be "sand boxed' or penalized with little search engine rankings and traffic for a perdiod of time.

Search engines are not simply looking for the quantity of links to a website or page. Rather the most important metric is obtaining quality links which are links from website that are thematically related and themselves are regarded as authority sites by way of a high Page Rank. Google's Page Rank is on a continuum from 0 to 10, where the higher the number the greater the authority. As well Page Rank is related not only to a website as a whole, but its component pages, where a link from a website to yours will pass a portion of not the linking website's total Page Rank, but instead the Page Rankl of the particular website page that contains the link.

Linking Tactics - What Works and What Doesn't

We've built organic links in the hundred's of thousands within months for our client's websites, so we know what works and what doesn't. What works though is dependent upon a number of factors including type of website, the industry, what the competition has done, and the nature of the website's content. Tactics include directory submissions, community submissions, blog posting, article writing, reciprocal linking, embedded linking text, and many more - if done properly with targeted keywords.

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