Waterloo Ontario QR Codes Mobile Websites

Farmers Embracing the Power of Informational QR Codes

In the Waterloo area, fruit growers now have access to QR Codes as marketing & communications tools as part of the Ontario Tender Fruit Producers Marketing Board. According to Phil Tregunno, farmer and organization chair:

“We are excited to offer our growers and marketers new ways to promote and sell the great tender fruit we grow here in Ontario … consumers are increasingly looking for information about where their food comes from ….”


The organization has QR codes that can be downloaded to put on fruit packaging and marketing materials. The website to which the QR Code is directed is also mobile phone friendly and switches its content for access of information on a smartphone. Where according to Board Manager Sarah Marshall:

"… we want to make it as easy as possible for consumers to access information about tender fruit, whether that’s at the grocery store or on their smart phone device while they’re on the go".

A Fire Department Engaging Residents with QR Codes to Fire Up Website Traffic

The Waterloo Fire Rescue department is also appealing to a tech-savvy community by putting QR codes on its apparatuses. According to Deputy Chief Larry Brassard of Emergency Operations:

“QR codes are everywhere now, advertising, magazines, bill boards, so we thought, why not our trucks? … anyone with a handheld device such as a BlackBerry with a code reader app can instantaneously access our website where they can find information about our department, fire safety information even emergency preparedness info".

QR Codes Used for Immediate Contact and Connection Information

At Concierge Mortgage Group in Waterloo you can scan the mortgage brokers QR Code to automatically add her to your Contact info. Quick, simple and effective. Similarly, Cipolla Law Group is an immigration law firm serving Waterloo, Ontario, As well the Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate Board has a QR Code and a mobile website for local MLS® listings that provides for searching properties for sale on the local MLS® system. Included are details of the listings with photographs and a map link.

QR Codes, which are a form of matrix or 2-dimensional barcode, is an abbreviation for Quick Response Code so named for their fast readability and when coupled with large data storage capacity makes for widespread use over a range of applications including ticketing, product/loyalty marketing and in-store product labelling. Upon scan the codes can connect mobile consumers directly with a website, download, form and more.

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