Kitchener Ontario QR Codes

The Kitchener area is known as a hotbed of technology and QR code usage does not dissapoint.
As reported in the Waterloo Record, smartphone apps that scan these bar codes for product information or purchase are taking the old fashioned bar code to a new level.

QR Codes are being used to enter contests, vote for hockey stars, receive coupons, order food and link to a website, video or a photo of a product. Increasingly they are found on billboards and in magazine ads, or as give outs at the neighbourhood Tim Hortons. In addition the QR codes are starting to make their way into TV ads which is consistent with viewers being able to take immediate action especially when they're unlikely to be in front of their computers at that time.


Kitchener's QR Code Applications

Some really cool applications of QR Codes include the Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate Board ()that also has a mobile website. Individual real estate agents - Julie Schmidt of Coldwell Banker and Keith Marshall of Prudential Grand Valley. Motels - the Fairway Inn & Motel ( with their contact information. How about the Kitchener Penny Saver? ... taking a very traditional print media edition mobile!

Smartphones are Overtaking PC's - QR Codes are their Access Channel

Smartphones are ever more becoming the #1 media device - this means that more people are using smartphones than personal computers to get information when they want it instead of waiting until they get back to a computer. So if you Want a potential client to get information or see a marketing video on your product or service immediately when they are interested, then you must be able to deliver to mobile phones! How? Simply show them your QR Code wherever and whenever they maybe! For instance put a QR code on your business card, on a decal on your company vehicles, in brochures, on signs, on T-shirts, sides of a building and billboards ... the possibilities or endless!

QR Codes go hand in hand with Mobile Websites

How can you take advantage of the QR Code opportunity? Easy, speak to CLOSEUP Agency to make sure that you have the proper strategies to be effective. Simply adding a QR code into ads without direction to a mobile optimized landing page and embedded tracking will turn off more consumers and be a waste of resources. This is where mobile landing pages or mobile optimized websites become essential. There is nothing that turns more mobileweb users away from engaging with your brand more than having a QR code take them to non-mobile optimized content. Let us help you with integrating a call-to-action to scan your code with a true mobile experience that can be measured and be truly effective.

Contact CLOSEUP Agency at (226) 444-9718 to expand your Kitchener Brand's QR Code & Mobile Website presence and make it a Star!