Guelph Ontario QR Codes

Starting with Guelph University's inclusion of QR Codes in their 2011 syllabus admissions handbook, the Guelph region has taken a fancy to QR Codes and their numerous applications. For example, the Upper Grand District School Board has embraced this technology for their classrooms where students use QR codes to embed websites and videos directly into their school reports.

The Grand River Parks department in their Information Guide is using QR Codes to take visitors to Guelph Lake’s web page and to the GRCA's Facebook Page.

Why is Guelph using QR Codes?

So why use QR codes? Simple - mobile & smartphones in 2012 have overcome desktop PC shipments for the very first time, which means that consumers are gong to be accessing information about your products and services while mobile. QR Codes make the connection between ads and further information or interactive messages such as promotions, coupons, videos and more. Consumers can therefore acquire and retain information from media such as print ads, tv ads, apparel and other printed materials such as packaging.

QR Codes done Right!

Proper strategies must however be put in place for this QR Codes to be effective. Simply integrating a QR code into an ad is not enough as if the destination is not formatted and mobile friendly the consumer will likely not complete the call to action. This is where mobile optimization of the land pages, forms or websites is essential - you want to ensure that the destination is viewable on mobile, quick loading without large images or embedded items that can get in the way, and be navigable by mobile without side to side or long horizontal scrolling - all elements to ensure that the mobile experience does not detract from your marketing messages.

Since QR Codes are designed to be scanned by mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, it makes sense to have the code connected to a landing page or website designed for the mobile form factor. So please speak with CLOSEUP Agency to make your QR Code campaigns optimized and effective.

Let CLOSEUP Agency expand your Guelph Brand's QR Code & Mobile Website presence and make it a Star!