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QR Code use in Cambridge, Ontario

Let's just say that as of the summer of 2012 widespread use of QR Codes and mobile websites hasn't come to this not so small town, although surprisingly the users to date are not necessarily your average early adopters. For example, Dipietro Meats has its own QR code … although it's on its website and when scanned leads to that same site which kind of defeats the purpose of using such a code in the first place to drive web traffic. Expectedly Dipietro's codes will show up in their print ads eventually (although at this point their weekly flyer also doesn't have it) and instore to maximize their traffic … although their call to action is good "Scan QR Code below and save it to favourites." as well as their meat!


Additional users in Cambridge so far include:

Getting it Right in Cambridge with a Mobile Website

As seen above using a QR Code without at the same time ensuring that its destination is a mobile friendly site is bad mistake. For instance if the landing page is simply the regular website formatted for desktop PC's, the mobile user can and will get easily frustrated with navigating side to side, squinting at the content and worst of all, not being able see certain content that works on PCs but not mobile devices. So the prescription for success for Cambridge businesses that are going mobile is to either have a Dedicated Mobile Website, which is a good start if devices used to access the site are recognized and formatted specially for that device, or to have a Mobile Friendly Website Architecture, which takes existing content and formats it for mobile devices although not necessarily formatted specifically for the device calling the content. This is where CLOSEUP Agency's expertise in QR Code construction and both dedicated mobile sites and development of mobile friendly websites comes in handy.

Competitive Advantages in Being One of the 1st Mobile Websites Indexed in Cambridge Ontario

Google officially started to index mobile websites with its mobilebot earlier this year - this means that just as for images and videos now seen in search results, searches from a mobile device will expectedly see mobile friendly websites given preference and priority in search results - so if you have a mobile optimized website when mobile users are searching in Cambridge, you will have achieved a healthy advantage over your competition. This is especially the case when the trend of mobile searches starting to take over PC based searches are taken into account. Consider the following statistics -

  • 500% increase in searches from mobile devices including smartphones and tablets in the past two years (source - Google )
  • On mobile it takes visitors One Hour to take action compared to One Week to act on a desktop search (source - Microsoft)
  • Mobile searches grow throughout the day while desktop searches peek midday (source - Google)

This trend that combines marketing and technology is growing rapidly, including now in Cambridge, Ontario - a location that we see with great potential for adoption of QR or Quick Response Codes, that store a link to a website, a phone number, video, contact information and more … that allows scanners to instantly access by smart phone without typing. Smartphones and tablets are becoming the most popular media devices, which makes sense considering that more people are using smart phones today than desktop PCs - all around us people are getting information immediately on their smartphone or tablet rather than waiting until they get to their desktop computers. So if you want to have your customers get immediate information about your brand, see a marketing video of your product, or complete a form to capture their information, show them your QR Code … on your car, business window, business card, brochures, signage, billboards, even t-shirts to getting your business known.

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