Brantford Ontario QR Codes

Taking it to the street the Brantford Kinsmen QR Codes are using QR Codes to connect with consumers for their annual Ribfest. Not to be outdone the Brantford Community Church QR Code has not only a Sermon Outline Code but a Sunday Bulletin Code - talk about accessibility, although mobile devices should usually be turned off in church and mobile website content not take away from the sermon! Down the street the Smiles in Motion program has a QR Code to schedule and appointment and view Specials. This is one mobile connected community!


Learning from Coca-Cole in using QR Codes

Just as Coca-Cola is putting QR codes on its packaging in order to further connect with new and existing customers, Brantford businesses and brands are using this mobile connection technology to further engage with their existing and prospective consumers. No more waiting to get home to pull up information on the desktop PC, today's consumers are accessing web content while on the go through a business' mobile website.

Essentially by placing QR codes on their print media, packaging and websites, the companies are building relationships with consumers and discovering what content interests their customers the most, and most importantly in realtime. For instance, if the QR Code's call to action includes a coupon or promotion accessible on a mobile website, the business can know immediately how that campaign is doing not only by the clickthroughs but by actual motivated purchases ... not really possible for other digital marketing channels such as email or non-mobile websites that have a time delay factor between the message and action.

Using QR Codes for a Dynamic Experience

As QR codes are dynamic they are able to deliver unique experiences as well as immediate content to consumers as they are scanning. In this way these mobile barcodes are a convenient way for consumers to engage with a company or brand right from their signs, products or packages.

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