Website Traffic

More Pages = More Vistors to Your Website

Structuring Your Website and Content for Maximum Effect!

It's a simple equation that the more pages you have in your website, the greater chance you will have more visitors! Why? The answer lies in changes that occurred in Search Engines like Google & Bing, that changed their focus a while back on making the subpages of a website a higher priory in search rankings than the main landing page … the thought is that if these subpages are more relevant to what a visitor is searching for, then why have them land on the main page?

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What is your Mobile Traffic?

Smartphones are set to be a Marketing Channel You Can't Ignore!

New 2012 Google study on smartphone usage shares new data from a survey of 1,000 participants in six countries on mobile search and consumer behavior. Among the highlights:

  • 82 percent of smartphone users use a search engine at least one time per week.
  • 88 percent of smartphone users notice ads on a smartphone - made up of 41 percent on search engines; 46 percent in an app; 25 percent on a retailer website; 20 percent on a video website; 27 percent while watching a video; and 47 percent while on a website.
  • 75 percent of smartphone users watch video and 26 percent watch at least one time per day.
  • 79 percent of smartphone users visit social networks, while 54 percent visit at least one time per day.

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Website Linking Strategies to Increase Placement in Search Results

Importance of Linking to Website Traffic

One of the most fundamental ways of improving your ranking in search engine results and as a result your potential traffic is to increase the importance of your site, relative to your competition. How do you go about doing that? Simply through an ongoing process of building links, inbound, internally and outbound as well.

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