Online Marketing is Not Getting Results? Find out Why!

It's Frustrating when Your Online Marketing is Not Getting Results!

Non Online Marketing Audit by CLOSEUP Agency While the world is increasingly online and traditional marketing channels such as print, radio and television are in decline, if your prospects are not clicking though on your online marketing web campaigns and not converting on your site to customers, your strategic internet marketing isn’t working! Effective internet marketing campaigns are complicated to get right – starting with your choice of channels, the tenor of your creative message, the focus of your call-to-action, the land page they are directed to, and the means of conversion chosen – all factors that have to considered, tested and optimized to achieve an internet marketing solution with a decent chance of success. So stop this online marketing non-performance! How? Start with an Online Marketing Audit from CLOSEUP Agency - sought out by leading industry players such as:

Website Audits by CLOSEUP Agency

CLOSEUP Agency offers a diagnostic review to see why your online marketing seo and campaigns are not performing, called an Online Marketing Technical Audit that will not only uncover, but show how to fix, the following trouble areas.

Symptoms Your Online Marketing is in Trouble

  • Little or no clickthroughs
  • Some Traffic but a High Bounce Rate
  • Little or No Conversions to Customers
  • Low Quality Score/Not Showing Up in Ad Results
  • Forms filled with Spam
  • High Landing Page Exist
  • No Mobile Visitors
  • No Creative Testing
  • No Message Testing
  • Incorrect Keyword/Demographic Targeting
  • Poor Conversion Management


What an Online Marketing Technical Audit will Show

An Online Search Engine Optimization Marketing Audit is a comprehensive review of both the inside and outside of your online campaigns - how ads are targeted to potential visitors and actual campaign actions right through to conversions on your site, including campaign search engine marketing optimization. This kind of intelligence from an internet marketing guru can be a differentiating factor between success and failure of your online marketing investment.

We will Show You Not Only What Doesn't Work, But How to Fix It, including:

01What are the Strengths/Weaknesses of your current Online Marketing Campaigns

02What Online Marketing Tactics (Using intent, calls-to-action, click-to-call, etc.) can Move you Ahead of the Competition

03What Devices should your Online Marketing be Optimized for

04What are the Best Performing/Highest Online Marketing Channels and Keywords

05What are Your Best Online Marketing Conversion Channels and Paths, Today and Tomorrow

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