Website Underperforming? We Can Help!

Is your website frustrated? Is it valuable to you or not? Does it have valuable assets or is it a clutter of disconnected information and infrequent content? Websites should be valuable and attract thousands of unique hits. CLOSEUP Agency identifies website assets and develops strategies that support your business purpose and should leverage those assets to result in increased traffic and business.

Its All About Messaging - (Hidden and Unhidden

Make your message clear to your visitors and to the search engines. If you don’t have a clear message, your website results will be unpredictable. CLOSEUP Agency works tests website messaging to create unique value propositions specific to your business or service. Today’s website environment is also simpler with complexity in the technology behind it, for instance using rich schema attracts search engines with visible results. CLOSEUP Agency clears the clutter so visitors are clear on the messaging of your product or service.

Engage with You and Your Product

If your website is too difficult for people to engage with you, visitors will go somewhere elsewhere and they’ll do it quickly. If you are selling a product or service, are you making your customers jump through hoops to do business with you? Is your content difficult to access or read so that visitors get frustrated and leave? Just existing on the web for the sake of being there is no longer an option for business. Just existing is the equivalent of dying by slow digital death.

CLOSEUP Agency works with its clients to prevent Digital Death through strategies including,

  • Clarifying the actual purpose of the site.
  • Identification of valuable assets and creation of new assets to support the website.
  • Development of clear messaging.
  • Making engagement with your visitors easy and collecting information for remarketing.
  • We use forms, call to action, visual graphics, video and more.

The ideas sound simple yet they are complex, otherwise everyone would be doing it. CLOSEUP Agency works with its clients to take their website to the next level. Our website transformation strategies make this overwhelming task easier. If your website is under-performing, determine that you are going to do something about it. Call CLOSEUP Agency to begin the process today!