Autoresponder Email Marketing for Automated Online Lead Followup

Autoresponder Programs Closeup AgencyHow do you keep in touch with a consumer that’s visited your website but may not immediately want to buy? Easy, by means of a regular contact program such as available through an Autoresponder. An autoresponder is basically an automated set of emails set up to be sent on a regular schedule such as on the day of a consumer’s visit to your website, 3 days after, 7 day after, 2 weeks after and maybe a month later – as a means of continually having your business and brand in front of the consumer on an ongoing basis.

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What’s the value of a Consumer that visits your website and thereby expressed an interest in your products or service?

If a consumer has taken the trouble to visit your website, they’re a good prospect and there’s no reason to lose such a prospect. So when a consumer visits your site you should have a data collection form in place and a privacy policy that permits you to then to remarket your goods and services to that consumer on an ongoing basis, until they opt-out. In this sense your website earns its keep and keeps on giving from a marketing standpoint.

It’s been found that incentivizing the consumer to signup for further information or a newsletter increases data entry by consumers visiting your website, and can be something like a free report, coupon or consultation, where the incentive itself can lead to conversion to a sale. The autoresponder program therefore offers multilple opportunities to convert and not lose your website visitors into customers and sales.

Autoresponders automate Consumer Contact & Remarketing

Like a salesperson reaching out over the phone to their prospects, the autoresponder is an automated means by which you can get offers, information and images in front of prospective consumers on a regularized basis. The program never forgets or is never too tired to make the contact – it’s an efficient and effective way to remain top of mind with hot prospects that have already shown an interest in your goods or services.

An autoresponder program requires crafting a set of informative and compelling email letters designed to have the prospective consumer take action, and either a system configuration within your websites or use of a number of specialized email gateways. Such a program can also be integrated with a regular newsletter as a means of extending the consumer touchpoints where a decision may not be made within a few weeks but over a number of months. Additional benefits include having the ability to include clickable links for additional information, and being able to track who, when and how often the emails are opened in order to optimize the message content and continually tweak the campaign to increase results.

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