Use Blogging to Increases Online Web Traffic and Brand Recognition

Blogging and Social Bookmarking Closeup AgencyOne of the most effective ways of increasing website visitors, engagement and search engine rankings is to deliver regular blog content to your website and social media channels. In these ways business blogging along with content marketing make an effective search engine optimization strategy for generating traffic, and when combined with social networks, blogs speak directly to your customers and prospects as the cornerstones and hubs for social media campaigns. Also the greater your voice is dispersed though blogging, the higher become the barriers to your competition to rank as authorities in your chosen niche.

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Blogs and Blogging are a Necessity of Today's Online Opportunities

The days of the old style static website are over, where traditional websites struggle to hold their search rankings against highly dynamic sites with fresh content, with Google emphasizing quality and regularly updated content in their search result. Today's businesses therefore have no choice but to incorporate blogging into their web strategies as a means of directly and through social media channels, driving incredible amounts of traffic and making it easy to connect with customers, prospects, buyers and fans.

Protecting Your Turf & Social Bookmarking

Your customers and prospects are searching for information, and if it's not you that's providing the fresh and relevant content, your customers & prospects will find it from someone else. In this way a blog starts to build a wall around your client base that competitor's will find it harder and harder to overcome. In addition by making content locally relevant, such as by integrating your specifically chosen keywords into the blog's posts - cities, boroughs and neighborhoods - not only will your reader's experience be enhanced, but overtime your search result position will become ever harder to disrupt.

A Social Bookmarking program in turn strengthens your position by generating both interest and links to your content, that can be both a source of extra traffic and business as well as a competitive hurdle favoured by today's search engines. The more links you have the more authoritative your content, website and reputation become ... with coincidental benefits of favourable search result rankings.

The Cost of an Effective Blog

Although blogs are highly effective in not only connecting with your customers and prospective customers, but also in search engine optimization, regularly updated content blogging takes time and commitment - we can take this process out of your hands and both write & administer blog posts - either with your ideas or those generated along subject and content lines. Our writing team seeks to develop content at the comprehension level of your audience, using appropriate idioms and expressions, along with incorporating keyword content and SEO strategies for greatest effect. Once written and posted, the blog posts can be easily integrated into your Social Media campaigns to leverage the same content multiple times through syndication, republishing and viral membership features. It’s no wonder that so many forward thinking business have put blogs on the frontline of their online marketing strategies.

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