Increase Online Traffic with Effective Web Strategies and Content

Increase Website Visits Traffic Closeup AgencyYour website should not be looked at as simply living by itself, rather it should be viewed as the centre piece of a web based solar system. What this means is that having a website without a Web Strategy designed to Increase Website Traffic means that your website will have few if any visitors.

CLOSEUP Agency increases Website Traffic to Increase Your Business in Cambridge, Brantford, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Woodstock, Windsor, Hamilton and Niagara areas.

Increasing Website Traffic Starts with Choice of Web Technologies and a Story

When you realize that the web is actually made up of many different traffic channels such as search engines, directory links, banner advertising, social media referrals, social bookmarkting, and more, then it becomes clear that directing traffic to a website requires a plan to attract this traffic. Even if only search engine traffic is to be used, how the website and its constituent parts of images, content, meta-descriptions and more have to be treated, are all considerations when putting together your business web strategy – in choosing what we refer to as appropriate web technologies.

However, the web is often looked at as only a matter of web technology, and while there should be a fundamental digital architecture that forms the basis of being searchable and linkable, the technologies must be designed to do what the web is really about - that is telling a Digital Story. Stories have been passed down through the ages, whether by word of mouth or in print, and have educated us, convinced us and caused us to take action. This concept of Digital Storytelling applies even more so now - it's the stories, the experiences, and the ability to engage that presents the true promise of digital – especially when the world’s greatest search engines are focusing their efforts on ranking websites with the most compelling, up to date and popular stories.

Our Web Strategies will then show You how to increase Your Website Traffic

Story telling in ways to educate, convince and cause consumers to take action through engaging content, social media referrals and channels that connect to target markets, are some key elements of what will become your Web Strategy, which among other things should take into account the following aspects of effective web marketing:
#1 - Having a Digital Presence in the Channels utilized by target markets
#2 - Engaging those Channel Members in such a way as to Educate, Convince and Take Action
#3 - Using Digital Delivery methods that offer value to target markets and in turn allow you to track engagements, ROI, and remarket on a permission basis.

To accomplish these goals you need creative concepts and design direction - that in turn is supported by copywriting, content development, and rich media design and development – all part of a cohesive Web Strategy. In this way you will develop content that builds an emotional and meaningful connection with audiences, a cohesiveness Brand message across channels, and increased Digital Traffic to your business and value proposition.

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