Mobile Marketing requires being Mobile-Friendly with Mobile Campaigns

Google Mobile Phone Usage Survey 2012Mobile marketing opportunities are here! There is no more a convenient tool than a mobile phone that’s with consumers 24/7 and therefore it can’t be any surprise that online searches are now greater than from desktop PC’s !

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The Next Stage of the Web is Mobile and it's Already Here!

At the end of 2013 there were over 27.3 million mobile phone subscribers in Canada (CWTA stats)- of this number nearly half (48%) of mobile phone users between 18 and 34 years old had a smartphone (data taken from the 2011 Cell Phone Consumer Attitudes Study – Quorus Consulting Group).

According to Google's research, more consumers use a mobile phone than use a computer (see report) and the mobile internet is today’s main driver of growth in time spent online. Rapid consumer adoption is creating opportunities and requirements for businesses to engage with mobile consumers. Gaining deep insight into mobile search & usage patterns provides the base and starting point of offering your products and services, as well as information satisfying true customer demands.

How to Take Advantage of These Mobile Opportunities

To attract mobile visitors to your website you have to have a number of elements that work together. First is a mobile-friendly optimized website that shows well on mobile devices including phones and tablets. Google has a special mobile-bot that is designed to index mobile websites, being those websites that offer a truly mobile optimized experience – this means that while many of today’s website can be viewed on mobile devices, they are not mobile friendly optimized in terms of being able to be viewed easily on a mobile phone without enlarging or scrolling or squinting. Next is to utilize trendy technologies that are hot today such as QR Codes and SMS texted promotions to direct traffic to the website. According to a MSN study 29% of mobile users are open to scanning a mobile code in order to get access to coupons. Finally, is to utilize location centric campaigns such as coupons and other promotions that can be sent to mobile devices and immediately redeemed by consumers on the move.

Mobile is inextricably linked with Social Networks

The MSN study shows that 91% of mobile access is to socialize – this statistic becomes even more important in your website marketing when you consider Google’s use of their Google+ social network which now under Google+ Local will have a check-in and reviews capability as a means of ordering search results for both mobile and PC searches. Already over 1/3 of Facebook’s users use mobile Facebook to keep in touch with each other. So both from the perspective of SEO and Social Network Marketing, your business Mobile Marketing strategy will become ever more important to execute and execute well.

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