Newsletter Programs can Keep Your Brand Top of Mind with Customers

Newsletter Programs Closeup AgencyThere is no substitute for News as a means of engaging a consumer’s interest. Everyone is always on the look out for what’s new, what’s better and what’s changed, and this natural curiousity can be tapped by a business sending prospective consumers their newsletter on a regular basis.

CLOSEUP Agency can set up a Newsletter Program to Increase Your Business in Cambridge, Brantford, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Woodstock, Windsor, Hamilton and Niagara areas.

Newsletter Construction takes time but can be Automated!

For greatest effect a newsletter should be sent on an ongoing regular basis as a means of maintaining a touchpoint with existing customers for purposes of referrals, and for prospective customers for conversion into sales. Unfortunately putting together a newsletter can be time consuming and is often left to a low priority, sometimes not getting done at all. There is a way however where a newsletter can be compiled automatically from content on your website, such as articles, events, images, videos and more, and sent on a regular basis. This automated construction and sendout capability can be configured for certain CMS (Content Management System) based websites and is a highly efficient and effective means of keeping in front of customers and prospective consumers.

It’s also possible to use the CLOSEUP Agency custom e-Newsletter service to deliver a unique, customized newsletter complete with content to your existing customers and prospects each month. In this way skilled writers combine your news with effective calls to action and graphics, to produce impactful messages that you will be able to put in front of customers and prospects on a regular basis.

Your Newsletter makes you a “Top of Mind Expert” with Consumers

If your customers and prospects aren't hearing from you regularly, you're not likely to be and remain "top of mind" when they have need of your goods and services. So an easy and effective way to increase your business starts with regular communication. In addition, cold calls can be annoying and sometimes highly ineffective, while delivering valuable information to your target market each month makes you no longer an unwelcome voice on the phone – you’ve become a valuable resource and partner – through a newsletter you build and strengthen relationships with prospects and clients by establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

Starting with a sign up form on your website that captures a visitors name and email, coupled with the emails of existing customers, and you now have a valuable resource for ongoing marketing and referrals. Such a permission-based targeted newsletter program is absolutely the best way to reach a target market at minimum cost. For website signups it usually helps to utilize some form of incentive such as a free report, consultation or other incentivization such as a coupon which in itself can lead to sale conversion, that when coupled with a privacy policy can be a great source of leads which can be remarketed to on an ongoing basis through your Newsletter Program or Autoresponder Program.

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