Take Control of Your Online Brand for Maximum Exposure and Reach

Google Local+ branding Closeup AgencyGoogle just announced that it’s converting all its Business Local listings to Google+ Pages – which means that these Pages will made available in search results and will in part be ranked by the Consumer reviews of the particular business. There is no better time to take control of your business brand before someone else uses Google’s changes to outrank you!

Utilize Social Proof to Increase Your Business in Cambridge, Brantford, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Woodstock, Windsor, Hamilton and Niagara areas.

Local Businesses must now be more social – especially on Google+ Local

Google+ Local is set to change the game. The practices of setting up and optimizing your business information and then simply leaving it along has become a thing of the past. You must plan now to begin developing your social media presence on Google+ and elsewhere since Bing/Yahoo similarly use Facebook information by performing Social Listening and Social Media Campaigns. Start working on it now to get ahead of your competition, and to maintain and improve your position in local search rankings.

Your Brand is Already Online when Consumers Talk - Take Control!

More and more today's Branding is online, and through multiple channels. For instance while your website is often the starting point for digital Brand development, you have to take into account and control what people are saying about your brand in parallel digital channels of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Yelp, Foursquare, LinkedIn and more. This can be an overwhelming job for those not prepared and who don't understand how these digital spaces interact and intertwine. On the otherhand, multiple channel Branding offers the incredible opportunity to be in front of potential consumers wherever they might be, and whatever digital channel they prefer, as well as being able to take preventative and prospective steps to build and protect the Brand in the digital frontier.

Consistency Across Multiple Channels in Message and Actions

We've found that consistency is the key to Branding across multiple digital channels - consistency in placement, consistency in interaction, consistency in look & feel, and consistency in the message although different terminology is utilized depending upon the channel chosen. This aspect of a Brand's marketing cannot be underestimated both in the power to expand the Brand's reach and footprint, but also from the perspective of being attuned to and reacting to negative Brand interactions. Essentially, you have to be there in the digital cloud to tell, listen and respond to existing and prospective consumers.

Our NBC "Love In The Wild" Branding Adventure

For the NBC adventure dating series shot in Costa Rica, we pioneered a fan site with close integration into Social Media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The results were extraordinary in development of Brand presence and increased traffic over the period that the series was released, and ongoing interaction even months after the series climax. Direct interactions with the participants, their fans and NBC wove the Branding into a concentric portal for growing a community. This community building around this Brand showed the stickiness prospective consumers have for what is perceived as Brand with wide presence which translated directly into its increased Star Power!

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