Corporate Photography and Video Production with Impact and Engagement

Photoshoots & Videoshoots Closeup AgencyThere is shift to visual storytelling in today’s digital marketing campaigns which is consistent with how various social media channels encourage engagement (see Facebook’s Timeline). This paradigm shift presents new opportunities and challenges for marketers. Pictures and videos are attracting attention, being able to express emotions or ideas and consumers find it easier and quicker to identify with them. Accordingly you need pictures and videos that create a cohesive consumer experience and encourage a deeper relationship with your business.

CLOSEUP Agency can arrange Photo and Video Shoots to Increase Your Business in Cambridge, Brantford, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Woodstock, Windsor, Hamilton and Niagara areas.

Photos Generate 200% Higher Interaction Rate Takeaways

A recent study on Facebook interaction determined that photos have the highest interaction rate. Photos, and closely followed by videos, generate the highest interaction rate as they draw a consumer in visually, are easily digestible and can elicit an emotional response quickly. Using photos and videos can therefore easily increase interaction rates with your consumers.

Using Photos and Videos to Encourage Trust and One-on-One Messages

By someone seeing themselves, whether by existing or desired characteristic, in an image or video on your site, you have taken that first step in cognitive association that reduces the perceived risk a consumer has in dealing with you. In this sense, if what they see is images containing people like them enjoying or taking part in your products and services, on a very fundamental level there will be an enhanced level of comfort very similar to that encouraged by Social Proof. Images should be utilized then not only to showcase your products and services, where truly one image can often been worth a thousand words of text, but also as an associative device to convince consumers to trust and engage with your business.

Videos add to the consumer experience by involving animation that can truly focus a consumer’s attention like no other medium. It’s almost like a one on one experience where the video can act as a business’ spokesperson or sales person in communicating the business message, Call to Action and unique selling propositions directly to a consumer.

Adding Value to the Consumer Experience through Images and Video

Often consumers are not immediately ready to buy and are simply looking for businesses that offer what they will eventually need or what they eventually want to purchase. Images and video are invaluable in this situation in making your business appear authoritative and the go to expert for future buying decisions. Whether you use “How To” or explanation videos and pictures, you are saying to the consumer visiting your website or seeing your presentation, that you know what you are doing, are capable of being transparent about it and with a Call to Action embedded in the image or video, encouraging the consumer to take the next step to call, get information or purchase from you.

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