QR Codes Move Your Brand Information into the Hands of Consumers

QR Code Mobile Website Closeup AgencyQR stands for "Quick Response" codes and which are also known as "2D" Barcodes, are those square shaped graphic images that can be scanned by smartphones – upon scanning the codes send instructions the phone go to a website, dial a number or other automated function – making these Codes a great user convenience and a great marketing opportunity.

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QR Codes are Becoming Increasing Popular

There are now more smartphones than desktop PCs! This means that the QR Code is becoming increasingly popular as a timesaving device that can take a user to a Brand's website, send an opt-in text message or take the user to a data collection form, all as a quick and easy means to market to prospective consumers.
Originally created in Japan to track automobile parts, QR Codes are truly a marketer's dream. They are becoming commonplace on art, billboards, buildings, buses, art, magazines, real estate signs and more - partly because of their ease of use and the explosion in smartphones. Current technologies make scanning the code in realtime quick and easy, allowing the embedded action to be initiated automatically.

Business Branding Opportunities with QR Codes

The way QR codes work is by storing information in a two dimensional image. Certain common images can hold up to 7,089 characters and as QR Codes are fault tolerant, they can be damaged and missing a portion of the code due to damage or wear and still be readable, there exists an opportunity to include graphics or colors into the codes for creative and marketing attention. For instance Brands can place their logos in the QR code. Additionally, since use of QR Codes can be tracked, marketers can be informed of when, where and potentially who uses a QR Code as a means of campaign testing and optimization.

Use QR Codes in conjunction with Your Mobile Website

Since the QR Code user is mobile, using their smartphone to scan and get information, the information they receive whether it be a form, text, video or other, should be in a mobile friendly format to render and show perfectly on a mobile device. What this means in practical terms is that directing a QR code to a regular website will likely have a low ROI due to the need to enlarge, scroll and find information, whereas a Mobile-friendly optimized website could present your marketing message in the best way for the smartphone user. As well mobile friendly websites are designed to download quickly, give the slightly slower speeds of the mobile web and be coded in a manner that user can view animations, images and videos on their devices. QR Code campaigns therefore go hand in hand with mobile-friendly optimized websites and should be used together for maximum benefit and impact.

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