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Reputation Management is dealing with the negative comments and other digital relics that every brand and person accumulate overtime. In this sense, although the web never forgets, its power of recall is latest content biased. There therefore lies the opportunity to either prospectively protect your Brand, Image or Reputation, or deal with negative issues that have arisen through a proper Reputation Management Strategy.

CLOSEUP Agency can implement an Online Reputation Management program to Increase Your Business in Cambridge, Brantford, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Woodstock, Windsor, Hamilton and Niagara areas.

The Science of Online Reputation Management

Notably, the Strategies of Online Reputation Management aren't exclusively about ensuring your Brand, Image or Reputation ranks well, it’s also about making sure that detractors are not easily found by search engine visitors and do not rank highly in search engine results. Your products or services must be positioned in the best possible way, on an ongoing basis. Since consumer experiences and reviews are readily available on the web, our strategies are to ensure that negative results do not overpower interested searchers.

Ongoing Grooming to Look Your Best

Essentially online reputation management is the practice of making Brand, Imaged and Reputations look their best on the worldwide web. To accomplish this you need to control your online search results since they often contain inaccurate, misleading or outdated material with the result that visitors can be adversely influenced. Similarly, it’s important to keep private information from being made public.

CLOSEUP Agency can provide reputation analytics and ongoing reporting, as well as strategies to ensure that your Brand, Image or Reputation remains intact or the effect of detrimental content is lessened. For most clients, this is undertaken on a monthly basis, however, some clients do require daily action.

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