Social Media Monitoring is of Key Importance to Track Brand Mentions

Social Intelligence Media Monitoring Program Closeup AgencyYou have no choice nowadays but to listen to what consumers are saying about your business, products and services on the web – it’s almost like a broadcast to anyone that wants to listen – where these mentions, reviews and discussions should be identified as early as possible and appropriate action taken before it’s too late.

CLOSEUP Agency can put in place Social Intelligence monitoring to Increase Your Business in Cambridge, Brantford, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Woodstock, Windsor, Hamilton and Niagara areas.

It all starts with Social Media Monitoring

The social web is too big for anyone person to monitor what is being said about your business, brand, products or services, which is why Social Media Monitoring is designed to literally scrape the web for mentions about your business and alert you so that you can take action, both in a positive and if necessary negative way. For instance, if a consumer blogged about a great experience they had at your store, with your product or as a result of your service, you would want to incorporate their comments as third party validations into your website as a part of your Social Proof – no better testimonial than one that emanates from a third party channel! On the otherhand, if consumers are complaining about your products or services, you should be able to be alerted so as to take action to deal with the situation, such as by way of a reply that you are taking consumer opinion seriously or otherwise dealing with negative comments that are being made available to everyone on the web.

There are Opportunities in what Consumers are Saying about Your Competition

So it’s not only your own brand that you should monitor, rather the negatives and positives expressed about your competitors and the product/service vertical as a whole will show opportunities that your business can meet that are being unmet elsewhere, and in this way by solving voiced consumer problems you will have developed market opportunities before your competition knows about them and/or reacts. Additionally, consumers will often not voice their concerns about a business directly to that business, for any number of reasons, but will feel free to do so in a social network setting. Social media monitoring, analytics and engagement tools therefore help businesses to identify opportunities and potential crises, while at the same time finding new and innovative ways to enhance customer relationships and better service consumers.

Once you see what is being Said about Your Business, You Must React

The companion to Social Monitoring is Social Outreach based on the gathered intelligence. There are both direct and indirect response mechanisms that should be put in place with deal with consumer conversations about a business, where the direct channels must permit a business to quickly and substantively respond to consumer enquiries, concerns and pending crises. Indirect responses can be by way of consumer engagement campaigns, whether at the social network level and/or on your website, or preferably both.

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