Social Network Marketing is the Best New Online Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Network Optimization Closeup AgencyGoogle’s move to incorporate the results of its Google+ social network directly into search results has turned Social Network Marketing on its head – there’s now no choice as to whether to engage in Social Network Marketing as it’s do or die if your business wants to stay within top search result rankings for Google and as well Bing & Yahoo.

CLOSEUP Agency can provide you with an effective Social Network Marketing Program to Increase Your Business in Cambridge, Brantford, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Woodstock, Windsor, Hamilton and Niagara areas.

Social Media Marketing is People and now Personal Reviews!

Essentially Social Media is all about people - communicating with and engaging individuals with a common interest. A sanitized corporate voice won't be heard by the audience you're seeking to attract. CLOSEUP Agency understands the necessity of a personal touch to create a brand image for your activities that truly combines the brand message with a friendly voice. Brands use Social Media Networks to prospect for potential customers in addition to permitting their customers to interact and act as word of mouth referrals to shape and encourage customer loyalty, repeat business and public perception. But it's the individual touch that's so important - in language, tone and values - to have Social Networking work for you.

Up to just recently personal reviews were implicit in Social Network Marketing but did not have a direct effect on a website’s traffic or occupy a prominent place in marketing considerations. Facebook started the movement towards social referrals making a difference with their “Likes” which Bing & Yahoo have now incorporated indirectly into their search results. But it’s not until Google announced that it will directly incorporate Google+ Pages and Google+ Local into search results that the full impact of Social Network Marketing will be felt expectedly on a business’ bottom line. In this regard, Google and now Facebook’s focus on only real people being a part of their social networks is starting to make sense, where it is understood that Google is using the reviews of these “real people” as a form of ranking of their search results – no longer can a business simply have a website and expect good search engine result ranking, they now have to take a proactive Social Network Marketing stance or be left behind their competition!

Images & Video are the Call to Action of the Social Media World

Our experience is that while good content is ultimately what will convince prospective customers to take action, it's the picture or video that breaks through the clutter and initiates a response. At CLOSEUP Agency we reach your audience through image optimization and with video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. In addition, there exist unique opportunities to broadcast your business message using webcasting, webinars and online radio, as a means of making the multimedia consumer experience a memorable and effective call to action throughout certain Social Media channels.

Social Networking Used to Your Strategic Advantage

Everyone knows about Facebook and Twitter - but not everyone knows how to utilize these channels and other social media to cause prospective consumers to take action. Using Social Networks to your advantage in building a brand new network of your own means having a strategy from setup in specific social networks, to content aggregation and repurposing, use of analytics and management of your streams, all in order to maximize the impact of your Social Media campaigns. CLOSEUP Agency can get you up and running in Social Media Marketing and as well provide complete campaign management of your online presence, using bespoke software to help you to simplify your postings, with reporting and analytics to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

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