Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Application for Online Marketing

Tim Hortons Augmented Reality Closeup AgencyVirtual and Augmented Reality are advanced Web-3.0 tactics by which you can generate leads, show unique information and truly engage your customers. Essentially AR & VR overlay reality or create a new reality with information, icons, offers and more, and for which AR can be configured to be viewed and accessed by today's increasing number of smartphone users.

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Change Customers' Reality to Showoff Your Business

The intent of such AR & VR applications are to convince you and your mind that you're actually there, bringing experience and interaction to life. For instance smartphone users are now using their builtin phone cameras to get information about their surroundings, even translations of street signs and potentially the social profiles of passers-by. A truly cool usage is projection mapping that is being used to make 3D experiences by way of transforming buildings and other surfaces with high-tech imagery and effects - see how Augmented Reality is poised to change the world of marketing in this Mashable Article.

Finding a virtual Tim Horton's Quickly (with visual directions!)

The techno thriller Daemon by Daniel Suarez blurs the dividing line between physical and virtual realities. While this may currently seem like fantasy, businesses and marketers need to start paying attention to how real its all becoming. For instance right now there's a Tim Horton's app that lets you know the location of the closest coffee shop to where you are.

What is being created is a hybrid between computer interactivity, data, social media and how all of these channels relate to the physical world — it's a teaser for what media and communication experiences will look like in the near future. Examples include apps that let you view a building in your city and find out if there's available office space for rent in it, some that make print media such as newspapers, magazines, ads and even outdoor imagery come to life.

Want to be Different? It's time for an AR / VR Customer Experience

You can have the ability to change the experience of a physical object creatively. Infiniti and Toyota have used the technique to make their cars defy the laws of nature at private events. How about augmenting architecture and living spaces in dramatic ways so that you actually need to touch them to see if it's real or not! Check out the Starbuck's Christmas AR app below!

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