Web Marketing Campaigns including Strategic Search Engine Marketing

Web Marketing Closeup AgencyIt’s been said that print media isn’t relevant anymore … but that’s not quite true. MEDIA of every sort is relevant and it’s how you use it in your Marketing Campaigns that will determine success and failure. Digital media is today an important part of any marketing campaign and when it is considered within the scope of what your consumers are using to find, compare and purchase your products and services, then the relative importance of various channels can be determined. So in a sense Digital Marketing has simply extended traditional marketing into new channels, each of which has its own methods and paths to success.

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Today’s Channels Supplement Traditional Advertising and Marketing

Electronic Storefronts – Your website and what it says, has on it, whether mobile friendly, is today’s version of a business’ storefront. Your consumers will likely go to your website first before paying you a visit because it’s simply easier, faster and more likely to help them choose which business to actually do business with. Accordingly, we believe in building and designing engaging websites that not only have the ability to impress consumers immediately but also encourage ongoing communications with consumers until they become customers.

Social Media Marketing– This offshoot of the traditional referral marketing is just that, people using electronic means to discuss, comment, suggest and encourage referrals to particular products and services. There are many social channels that have specific appeal to particular demographics and means to access, whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, community specific channels, and more. In every case you want to be able to follow a roadmap to a successful referral strategy.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – Whether text ads, banners or animated presentations, PPC is taking over traditional advertising channels found in newspapers, yellow pages, billboards, and more. Benefits of specific targeting by interest, demographics and location, make PPC a truly viable marketing channel with measureable results. Again, depending upon consumer behavior certain channels may be better suited that others for successful engagement campaigns.

Emails and SMS – Direct contact has never been either so direct as being able to zero in on individuals, or responsive where certain messaging open rates are the highest they ever have been. Campaigns that automate and extend the sweep of the campaign mean that such programs can effectively cover 1 to 10,000 or more individuals easily, quickly and cost effectively.

Your Digital Marketing Campaign Roadmap

When we start a digital marketing campaign we first look to setting campaign goals and tracking. For instance, what are you trying to achieve through our campaign and how will we know when it’s been achieved? Then we ask about your target audience, any customer insights and targeting - basically who are we trying to reach and influence? We then devise key campaign messages and offers, looking to wow we are positioning your company, products and services, and choosing which campaign or product offers will engage and convert your audience most effectively. Choosing the optimal strategy or strategies is next as to how you will reach and engage your target audience. Finally, we determine online media mix selection and budgeting as to which media are expected to be most effective and then set the media schedule and campaign integration sequence.

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