Web Data Mining for Marketing Insights and Campaigns Optimization

The term web data mining refers to technology that is used to crawl through web resources to collect specific information that enables a business to understand their marketing dynamics. The business of web data mining is ever increasing and complex with everyone wanting to know what their information says and how they can apply the information they obtain.

Every business, regardless of it’s size requires an understanding of its website's performance, its user experience and to gather information about its visitors and customers. CLOSEUP Agency works with its business clients to implement the necessary tools within their websites and organizations to gather and sift through the important data in order that such can be used by businesses to refine their market activities.

Refining and Optimizing Online Campaigns through Data Analysis

Data Mining Strategies by CLOSEUP AgencyThere are a number of data analytic tools available for a business, but they can be overwhelming when it comes to understanding how to use them and how to interpret the data that they provide. The idea that you only need one analytics tool is a thing of the past. Today’s analytical tools are sophisticated and it is extremely important to focus on multiple analytics, including more and more social media monitoring of brand mentions. This is where CLOSEUP Agency comes into the mix. Our expertise in obtaining, interpreting and digging into data reports is vital for any business.

Data mining or web analytics includes;

  • The analysis of quantitative and qualitative date from your website and that of the competition.
  • Improvement of your website’s online experience of your prospects and existing customers.
  • Prediction and interpretation of your desired outcomes - from an online as well as an offline perspective.

CLOSEUP Agency looks at data mining for small and medium businesses as data being delivered in three ways;

  • The data itself .... as it measures traffic, clicks, page views, time on site, conversion rates, and more.
  • What needs to be done with the data... how can you apply the data to your existing customers and new customers to make your website and business a better experience.
  • How the data impacts your business objectives be it traffic, sales conversions or ROI.

Using Data Mining to Understand and then Predict for Maximum Conversion

The key to data mining for CLOSEUP Agency is to provide its clients with relevant data and apply the data to your business strategy. It’s great to know how you are performing but it’s more important to apply the knowledge you have obtained through data mining to know why you are generating sales, increasing visitors and providing a great user experience.

From a strategic analysis, CLOSEUP Agency then works with its business clients to determine what offers they need to send to their customers for maximum conversion. Having access to such specific data, empowers companies with greater marketing capabilities.

To implement your data mining strategies, contact CLOSEUP Agency today to start the process.