Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that Drives Traffic, Leads and Sales

So what does Search Engine Optimization or SEO mean to you? Simply put, it's a process that improves the ranking of your website’s pages on search engines including Google, Yahoo/Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Houzz, and others (just thought it was Google?) so that your products and services can be found and found first, when it comes to searching the internet.

For business purposes, search optimization can drive large amounts of traffic to your website, thereby generating leads that ultimately can result in sales. SEO is the process of improving a website’s visibility on search engine result pages.... sounds complicated? It can be, but CLOSEUP Agency can provide you with the SEO services you need to make your website relevant in today’s web world.

Rolling with the Punches - SEO Opportunities for the Next Search Frontier in Mobile and Images

SEO Search Engine Optimization Opportunies by CLOSEUP Agency

There's SEO opportunities ahead that are unlikely to be grabbed as yet by your competition. CLOSEUP Agency believes that today’s consumers are intelligent and they use search engines to look for local shops, businesses and restaurants - but increasingly in different ways. Mobile search on smartphones is expected to grow in the future, while desktop searches are expected to stay stagnant. Similarly, search engines are increasingly using images in their search results. This means that small and medium sized businesses can benefit from SEO and can compete on a larger scale by optimizing their websites and content for these developing search areas. Our custom solutions in these SEO areas can provide you with the ROI that can keep you growing and profitable.

SEO is not easy, however. A successful SEO campaign will research relevant keywords that are incorporated in both on-page and off-page optimization strategies. Performed properly, CLOSEUP Agency incorporates web page HTML code, textual content, images and links in its SEO strategies. As a result, since each business is a unique entity with specific customers, needs and goals, a SEO strategy and its implementation should be customized to suit your business needs and budget.

SEO is constantly changing, and you should know what works tomorrow

A correct SEO strategy means that your website will receive targeted traffic and visitors to your website. It means that SEO will let people and search engines know that your website exists. If done correctly, your website will rank higher on relevant searches, with an ultimate goal of being on the first page of the search channels that are relevant to your products and services. Today, Search Engines focus on rewarding websites that offer visitors a great user experience and have valuable, original content. What search engines will look for tomorrow will likely change, as search engine algorithms are updated many times a year and use different factors to rank their search results. At CLOSEUP Agency we focus on developing web profiles that visitors want to come and visit and that search engines like, all the while keeping a watchful eye out for upcoming changes in what search engines are looking for.

Steps to a Proper SEO Program

CLOSEUP Agency believes in transparency and provides its clients with ongoing reporting inclusive of valuable analytics so that we can help your business grow through SEO. Accordingly we will sit down and discuss your online business goals. We will then research your industry including your competition and create a specific keyword strategy that you want to target to achieve those goals. Then we will implement your strategy and provide you with regular, detailed updates on your website’s rankings and traffic.

CLOSEUP Agency’s SEO Program includes:

  • Existing website review and consultation
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Front page and landing page analysis
  • Meta data analysis and alteration
  • Use of Rich Schema code snippets for Enhanced Search Results
  • Set up of analytic and webmaster tool reporting
  • Content writing following SEO Best Practices
  • Weekly status and ranking reports

Our goal is to work with small and medium sized businesses to help them improve their website ranking and provide measurable results. Want to learn more about CLOSEUP Agency’s SEO services? Are your ready to develop a SEO strategy? If so, contact us today.