Smart Web Design isn't just about Being Pretty Anymore!

Today’s web design is not just about pretty pictures and images. Gone are the days when pretty sold. Today’s web designs are complicated and need to take into consideration that they are no longer just being accessed by a desktop, but increasingly on smartphones and tablets. Today’s websites need to be designed and planned to be viewed on anything from a tiny phone to a screen on a refrigerator. Every business who wants to be seen needs to adapt to reach consumers on any type of screen and provide a great user experience. Today’s web design is considered to be a multiple screen strategy!

Smart Website Designs have replaced Nice Website Designs

Smart Website Design that's Mobile Responsive Optimized by CLOSEUP AgencyCLOSEUP Agency understands that its not just about having a nice design when it comes to a successful website. Your website must not only look nice, but do so in a manner that engages prospective customers, by way of devices as well as messages. If your website is not designed for today’s multi-channel web users you are missing the boat and most visitors viewing an un-optimized website will simply leave, never to return. Business cannot ignore the fact that today’s web community increasingly accesses the web from a mobile device, including a smart phone and a tablet rather than a desktop device. CLOSEUP Agency designs and refreshes websites to ensure they are compatible with today’s devices, providing the most exposure possible to ensure that your product or service will reach the most users possible and provide them with a good user experience.

Optimization is no longer optional or an after-though in Smart Web Design

Building and establishing a web presence and being able to market your website effectively once it is online can be a complicated process. This is why today's web design considers issues of SEO, Engagement, Landing Page testing and optimization and more right from the very start! Website's are built to be found and once found to have the visitor engagement. This is where CLOSEUP Agency's smart web design services offer what today's visitors require including smart website design, SEO expertise, link building, content generation and more. CLOSEUP Agency is an all inclusive web design company. We can build any type and size of website that you require from a specialized landing page for an event or promotion to a multi-page custom designed website inclusive of online e-commerce. We design our websites to include an easy content management system that you can manage or have us manage for you.

CLOSEUP Agency website services also include:

  • Website refresh. Perfect for an existing website that needs to be re-worked to accommodate today’s web users. Your business cannot ignore the fact that today’s web community accesses the web from their smart phone and tablet devices, and must be found according to current search engine algorithms. CLOSEUP Agency can work with your existing website to create a mobile compatible website or subsite that can be viewed on a mobile device and provide a good user experience. If you think that you can get away without having a mobile responsive website, think again!
  • New Website Design. If you want to have the best exposure for your website, a complete web redesign strategy is the way to go. Incorporation of today’s website technology including a multi device responsive website, SEO and keyword strategies as well as a blog and video component is what's required. The key to smart web design is to provide a user with a good experience and a new website will do just that.

Web design has evolved with new technology and online engagement strategies. Websites are not just about looking pretty anymore. Smart website designs are a key component in today’s successful business marketing strategies. CLOSEUP Agency provides its client’s with responsive and adaptive websites that provide people with good content and a good user experience.

What are you waiting for? Future-proof your website today. Contact CLOSEUP Agency now and start the process today!