Social Media Marketing Campaigns Can Reach New Consumers Effectively

Social media has changed the way we communicate with each other, the way we obtain information and the way we share that information. In today’s business world, social media for business marketing can allow businesses to further their reach to more consumers. Social media  has become an important online social network marketing tool. It has changed the way businesses connect with their consumers, provide information on their products and services and chat with their customers.

It all Starts with Setting your Goals for Social Media

Social Media Marketing Campaigns for Business by CLOSEUP AgencyCLOSEUP Agency believes that you need to consider your business’s goals before you start a social media marketing campaign in order to determine what is the right plan of attack. Determining your business goals for your social media is as important as being on social media, for if you don't know what goals are to be achieved there is no basis to measure results. Most businesses however, are too busy making business to determine their social media goals. This is where CLOSEUP Agency can help!

CLOSEUP Agency cuts through the social media clutter and helps businesses to achieve the best benefits of a carefully crafted social media marketing plan. And we start with helping our client’s to determine what their goals are and then how to most effectively achieve those goals, with social media channels and appropriate social media campaign strategies. For instance, do you want to increase website traffic or create brand awareness and identity? Are you interested in communication and interaction with your key audiences or are you looking for positive brand association? By determining what you want to achieve, CLOSEUP Agency can help to establish your social media plan and expected ROI.

Then we can help in Crafting the Right Social Media Plan for You

CLOSEUP Agency’s Social Media Marketing services include:

  • Content writing and blog strategy
  • Social media content marketing (Facebook posts, tweets)
  • Video Optimization and promotion
  • Social Media campaign management
  • Social networks paid advertisement
  • Brand reputation management
  • Analytics

CLOSEUP Agency believes in a balanced and complete online marketing strategy that should include social media marketing. Social media is really about technology and tools that allow consumers and brands to connect and interact with each other. In this sense large social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Houzz, Instagram, Pinterest, and more, are the platforms for connecting, sharing and discovering prospective consumers. Social media marketing puts everything together to develop relationships, attract new customers, build brand recognition and trust and generate repeat business.

Why Businesses Need to be in Social Media

With the majority of consumers learning about products for the first time online, and with approximately 51% of those people purchasing based on reviews and recommendations, your business needs to be proactive on social media. A corporate message that spreads from user to user resonates because it comes from a trusted source as opposed to an unfamiliar entity. With trust in social recommendations, businesses need to be where that trust is.

As a business, whether you are getting getting started or have been working with social media for some time, or are thinking of diving right in, contact CLOSEUP Agency and let us help you achieve social media marketing success. CLOSEUP Agency can work with you to ensure a strategic social media marketing plan is executed to get the most from the most appropriate social interactions. In this sense, social media is not just about the networks. It includes blogs which engage, inform and attract consumers. Videos are also a great resource for businesses to inform and educate consumers and also help to build their SEO efforts. All of these social elements give consumers a reason to go to your website.

Are you ready to start your social media marketing strategy? If so, contact us today.